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    zoom Excel Quizlet 250 words book Pinyin table Primary school lexical list Converter – Chinese characters into Romanisation Plus meaning of each character (the colorful one) https://www.mdbg.net/chinese/dictionary?page=chardict&cdcanoce=0&cdqchi=%E8%BA%AB%0D%0A Primary school lexical…

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    Excel Quizlet your decks

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    Quizlet Excel Green book audio Grammar book audio  Converters https://hongkongvision.com/tool/cc_py_conv_en Plus meaning of each character https://www.mdbg.net/chinese/dictionary?page=chardict&cdcanoce=0&cdqchi=%E8%BA%AB%0D%0A

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    – all decks – click to practise! Excel Brown book audio – NEW Apr 2023 Green book audio Grammar book audio (Self study – NEW May 2022) 😀 Story –…

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    Raul’s decks Excel Your Quizlet https://quizlet.com/class/11334058/ Book Audio http://publish.commercialpress.com.hk/misc/YYSCCJJC/index.html?fbclid=IwAR07RgaFuynu9v3XoNUFmj_BYFfZlHG2BAYHnunaWihY_kBmPq_73A4YX9A Book Grammar Image https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Mco79GXLQPxQmRoMtlXLG6WP2FGEaVGk?usp=sharing // Convertershttps://hongkongvision.com/tool/cc_py_conv_en Plus meaning of each characterhttps://www.mdbg.net/chinese/dictionary?page=chardict&cdcanoce=0&cdqchi=%E8%BA%AB%0D%0A

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    Plan into action – Random 1500 words Fre IPA CBF 3 – 234 terms CBF 2 – 168 GMS – (1-250) GMS – (250-300) GMS – Folder Grammar CBF 3…

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    Adrien – all decks – https://quizlet.com/class/17019590/ [Good luck!] Lesson 5 & 6 Vocab Excel Green book audio Grammar book audio (NEW March 2022) 😀B-Link Important Scales – 1 Question Tense…

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    Everyday funny things about my family members Topic : My mum lives in another time zone 我阿媽係一個家庭主婦。佢日頭好忙,夜晚食完飯就休息。 我阿媽成日好夜訓,有時係佢訓唔着,有時掛住睇電視劇。細個嘅時候,我要自己起身,整早餐俾自己食,然後自己去補習。補完習,返屋企要叫醒佢,一齊去食午餐,然後我坐校車返學。 去到茶樓,我地好趕時間,馬上叫蕃茄牛肉炒飯,我好快食完,因為要趕住坐校車,如果迟到,就冇校車搭喇。 到今時今日,我阿媽約我食早餐,我有時都都仲要叫佢起身。

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    Video – Youtube, beginner course, listening, learn everyday… Exercises – Video tutorials with flashcards and pdf Youtube – Cantonesehome (playlists for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners) Flashcard Practical and effective…

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